“Ryan Bart is a simple young man who discovered the trick of bringing joy to our country…” – Caracol National News, Colombia

“Ryan Bart is living proof that magic is not about fooling people. Rather, it is about showing them that miracles are possible. If you would like your audience to feel joy, passion and that anything is possible you’ll be happy if you give them some time with Ryan Bart because he fully embodies joy, passion and that anything is possible in the most fascinating. loving and inspiring of ways.” ​- John K Bates, Leadership & Communications Expert and Organizer of TEDxSantaMonica 

”Ryan’s magic was captivating and professional. He kept everyone—young and old—enthralled. While magic is a universal language, Ryan’s bi-lingual magic show was a special treat for our Spanish-speaking families here at the Burlington Public Library.” – Janice Burwash, Library Associate, Burlington Public Library

“Ryan Bart – The Magic Man has entertained the multi-generational audience of the Anacortes Arts Festival for 7 years. Since he has been so popular and well received, last year the Arts Festival hired him all 3 days to entertain festival-goers with magic, and travel experiences with the Magicians Without Borders organization. In the process of hiring Ryan, he was extremely efficient with returning phone calls, arriving on-time, and willing to negotiate a flexible schedule and method of payment. Ryan is passionate about bringing magic and laughter to others.“ – Joan Tezak, Director, Anacortes Arts Festival


“I have to explain Ryan Bart. He is wonderful, he is magical, but these aspects undersell him. He is a wonderful person. He is a genuinely caring man. He is passionate and thoughtful. He can entertain you, he can impress you with his wide array of skills, but it is his heart that will leave the most lasting impression with you. The longer I am around, the more taken I am by good people. Ryan Bart is one of those people.” – David Lindsay, Director of Student Activities, Gonzaga University

“Ryan’s Magic Man gift brings many smiles to not only the hospitalized children at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital but to the families and staff as well.  His warmth and positive, upbeat attitude engages without overwhelming and Ryan is able to magically transform a mundane hospital stay for a child into an experience that they remember with happiness, smiles and wonder.  He was a great addition to our volunteer team and we hope he’ll be this way again one day.”  – Brenda K. Johnson, Volunteer Services Manager, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital

“Ryan conquers his audiences of old and young and brings happiness through his feats of fantasy…” – Caracol Radio, Colombia

“Ryan is an amazing magician, as well as a wonderful person.  He has been an inspiration here in Bogotá, Colombia, spreading hope and amazement in all social stratus.  We have been blessed to see him perform in a variety of contexts; from Bogotá’s Slums to Colombia’s most famous morning TV show, and he has been a joy to watch.  You can’t go wrong with him.” – Carlos “Mentor” Lopez, founder of the Smiling League and Connecting Smiles

“The kids started out suspicious of his skills, but within minutes they were entranced…” – The Anacortes American

“Ryan, a talented and compassionate American Magician”  – Gustavo Lorgia, World Renowned Magician