Photo Blog Part 2

Wild adventures take 2.  This time, however, I was not flying solo, I was flying with my adventurous parents.  Enjoy

This first set of 7 pictures was taken during our time in Bogotá together.

La Candelaria: Bogotá´s Colonial neighboord…celebrating Johanna´s Birthday!

Admiring Bogotá´s famous street art

The Birthday girl herself

My beautiful ladies 😉

My Mom giving some of my students the business at my university

Getting my rock on, on my birthday

Colombia´s famous Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá

The following 13 photos were all taken in the Amazons- in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil

Sunset on the Amazon River

El mochilero boat where I spent a night in a hammock

The family- with AnnaBell, my German substitute sister for the week

My buddies in the community 7 de Agosto- an Amazon fishing village.  They did not have much in material, but they were far from poor.  They live a rich life off the land by fishing and through agriculture and they have a deep sense of joy and playfulness that is infectious to all.

Masked buddies!

I performed an impromptu magic show for the community with a deck of cards- I wish I would have went more prepared.

Despite only having a card deck, they still enjoyed the magic!

Here fishy fishy!  This was a hidden lake we camped alongside sleeping in hammocks.

Piranha.  Yup we caught a few of them on our own…and ate a bunch more!

La isla de los micos- monkey island.

There were more than just a couple!

My old man wasn´t too sure about them monkeys…

The Amazons…the land of adventure and biological diversity…and mosquitoes!

The following 7 photos were taken on the Caribbean coast of Colombia

View from our Cabaña in Parque Tayrona…I liked it so much the first time that I wouldn’t let my parents come to Colombia without visiting this paradise.

Look at em…how precious

Our view as we ate our freshly caught red snapper dinner in Taganga

Classic Cartagena scene

100% Colombiana

Diving into Volcán Totumo- a mud volcano that goes 2,300 meters into the Earth´s core. It was so viscous, you had to literally make an effort to prevent your legs from flying up out of the mud.

The Barts.  We are known to get dirty at times.  Viewer discretion is advised.


It was great getting to spend some family time after being here for 6 months, and I gotta say, I was impressed with the adventurousness of my parents!  We had some serious fun.

After all this traveling, I´m not gunna lie, I´ve gone a bit bananas and I am ready to do something productive


Let the magic begin like never before!





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  1. Thanks for sharing! I ,ve been treated to viewing a lot of the shots that Michael got when you all where together…the mud shots where not included..I love these! How fun!

    Here comes February with all it,s magic! Keep us posted!

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