Photo Blog Part 1

They say a picture says a thousand words…I hope you agree because otherwise I would still be writing and you would still be reading.

Machu Picchu, Peru: A tribute to my Gonzaga Outdoors Family.

Machu Picchu, Peru: The Machu Crew that I traveled with for 4 days as we made our way the powerful Incan ruins of Machu Picchu.

Santa Teresa, Peru: Zippity zip on South America’s highest and largest zip line.

Isla del Sol, Bolivia: The incredibly spiritual island on Lake Titicaca, which is the worlds highest navigable lake (notice the heart that stands out on the snow-covered mountain).

The following 8 photos were all taken in the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.  This place was unlike anywhere I have ever been and I often felt as if I were on another planet.

The Salar Crew

Rubber ducky, you’re the one…rubber ducky, let’s have some fun 😉

Life is a puzzle- enjoy the  adventure

Wild green plant growth

Bolivian Flamingos

Laguna Colorado- Look at those colors!

Let’s get some sand on them tires

Tree Rock created by sand erosion

The following 4 photos are all from Potosi, Bolivia.  It is the highest city in the world and was previously the richest in the world due it’s 2,400 mines of silver, platinum, zinc, and many other metals.  Unfortunately that wealth has fallen to shambles.  It was quite an experience to be there and visit the mines on Christmas eve day- eye opening and quite heavy.

A view from the mines of the highest city in the world.

Miners literally grinding away on Christmas Eve Day.

El Tio (Uncle): He is the miner’s ode to Pachamama and an expression of the gratitude that mother nature provides for their livelihood.  Notice the lit cigarette in his mouth- when miners visit him, this is their ritual (seems slightly counter-intuitive seeing as it is a worship of nature).

The Miner’s Market: Coca leaves (used for energy but can be used to make cocaine), dynamite (for US$2), pure alcohol, cigarettes, and soda.  It is expected that visitors buy these things for the miners.

So we just had to buy the dynamite AND blow it up in the mine!

Sucre, Bolivia: An overwhelmingly incredible (and cheap) Christmas Eve dinner with some wonderful friends I met.

Sucre, Bolivia: Bolivia’s stunning city made up of all white buildings.  Had a white Christmas without snow!

La Paz, Bolivia: La Paz is the world’s highest capital city.  It also hosts the most dangerous road in the world and I biked down it.

Death Road, Bolivia: On bicycle, we descended 3,450 vertical meters (just over 10,000 vertical feet) over 64km on the world’s deadliest road (I am the second one from the left).

Arequipa, Peru: Sunset in their stunning square.

Arequipa, Peru: Met a new friend 😀

The following 4 photos are from Ica, Peru on New Year’s.  I got to see my great Gonzaga friend, Taylor, who is beginning her time as a Peace Corp volunteer working as an engineer for water treatment.

An oasis in the middle of the sand dunes

Dune-buggying with Taylor

If I can’t snowboard this winter, I’ll sandboard.



I hope you enjoyed!  More to come in Part 2, when I finish all of my winter travels.  Cheers and I hope everyone had a blessed and happy holiday season.  




9 thoughts on “Photo Blog Part 1

  1. Stunning Ryan. I was transported. I value living vicariously through the adventures you so mindfully and beautifully share. Nancy

  2. After what you just experienced you must believe you made a great choice with your time during the Holidays. Now with Liz and Michael in tow every day will be a Holiday!
    Thank you for sharing! Hugs

  3. Dude, this looks like way too much fun! Sons of bitches. While we slave up here in the wet darkness, our boy is experiencing culture and memories of a life time. Dang, remember that gin and tonic you owe me, I’ll want to hear all about your trek when you get back over one of these or two or three. Stay safe and enjoy, I am jealous needless to say. Peace. Roge

  4. Thank you Ryan, The photos are beautiful,……..We look forward to your next writing, your style is compelling.
    The days are becoming longer here. We will dance a jig for you, at your Mother’s birthday.
    Richard says hello, he is watching the Super Bowl.

    Take Care Susan

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