July 28, 2017: Featured speaker at TEDxFulbrightBogota: “Magic from Ciudad Bolivar”


October 22, 2016: Featured speaker at TEDxSpokane: “The magic of making a difference”


September 26, 2015: Closing speaker at TEDxFulbright: “Transformational magic: Extending the realm of possibility”


January 19, 2014: Live MSNBC Interview: “Helping impoverished children through magic is today’s Big Idea! Ryan Bart, Project Director at Magicians Without Borders talks to Milissa Rehberger on his involvement in teaching children discipline, self-confidence and empowerment by giving them a new skill.”


September, 2015: Video produced by Western University of Health Sciences titled “Medical student uses magic as tool for hope”


August 2013: Promo video


silk from mouthFebruary 3, 2014: Story in The Jesuit Post titled “A Magician Reveals His Secret” (click on image for story)

September 6, 2013: Gonzaga Magazine photo slideshow titled “Making Magic in Bogotá.” Click here to read the written article (by Ryan Bart).

March 20, 2013: Live in-studio interview with Tom Verner, Carlos Lopez, and Ryan Bart about Magicians Without Borders on  Colombia’s most watched morning show “Muy Buenos Dias”:

hace la diferencia November 16, 2012: Story on the Colombian, Caracol National News titled “This Gringo Makes the Difference in Bogota” (click on image for video)

Anacortes American

July 18, 2012: Anacortes American titled “Magician takes his inspiring act to Colombia” (click on image for article)

Samish Island's Magic Man July 15, 2012: Skagit Valley Herald titled “Samish Island’s Magic Man” (click on image for story)