Chapter 5: MWB in Colombia

Tom Verner, the founder of Magicians Without Borders

Tom Verner, the founder of Magicians Without Borders

In Colombia we currently:

    1. Train a group of Colombian disadvantaged youth in the art of magic.  Concurrently, they are learning all of the important personal skills that come with that such as: self-confidence, self esteem, focus, discipline, practice, personal power and presence through standing up and performing.
    2. Mentor our students to run their own business: Por Arte de Magia. They earn more from performing a 30 minute show than from working 10 hours at the local store. This opens up time for them to continue their education. One of our students is in her 1st year of private university studies as a business major. Her magic is paying for her school.
    3. Collaborate with Colombian magicians to maintain a sustainable program that has outlasted my 10 month Fulbright Grant period.  Our project has received substantial support from Colombia’s two most famous magicians, Gustavo Lorgia and Richard Sarmiento who regularly teaches our students at his magic school (the most renowned magic school in Latin America), La Escuela de Artes Magicas.
    4. Are grateful to Carlos ‘Mentor’ Lopez with Connecting Smiles who now currently directs this MWB Colombia and MWB Latin America.

We are currently seeking financial support to continue with our project.  Please see MWB for more information.

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